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College Council

The Council of the Australasian College of Health Informatics leads and manages the affairs of the College.

Council Members 2016-17

  President: Chris Pearce

  Vice President: Angela Ryan

  Hon. Secretary: Kathleen Gray

  Hon. Treasurer: Peter Williams

  Councillor: Douglas Boyle

  Councillor: Juanita Fernando

  Councillor: Klaus Veil

Council Committees

Programme Evaluation Committee (Co-Chair: Karen Day)

Activities: Over the last year we have participated with the AMIA WG on Health IT evaluation to update an international HI evidence bibliography:  Our first public statement has came out in the Pulse IT November edition (p36).  The purpose and operation of the ACHI Program Evaluation Sub-Committee was also the topic of this PulseIT article.

We were pleased to announce regular bi-annual Health Informatics evidence reviews that the PES will lead.  Karen Day and Chris Bain will lead the review of "Patient-Accessible Healthcare Records".  We encourage all ACHI Fellows and Members to send us articles or links on this subject matter which they believe demonstrate:
- high quality research
- interesting methodologies or
- interesting / useful outcomes

Membership Committee (Co-Chair: Kathleen Gray)

Activities: Reviews, assesses and recommends membership applications.

Education Committee (Co-Chair: Juanita Fernando)

Online Presence Committee (Co-Chair: Karen Day)

Scientific Programs Committee (Co-Chairs: Sue Whetton & Ray Kirk)

Past College Presidents

2014-16: Klaus Veil (profile)
2013-14: Chris Pearce (profile)
2011-13: Peter Williams (profile)
2009-11: Klaus Veil (profile)
2007-09: Terry Hannan (profile)
2005-07: Teng Liaw (profile)
2003-05: Evelyn Hovenga (profile)
2002-03: Branko Cesnik (†2007)
2001-02: Enrico Coiera (Founding President - profile)

Foundation Fellows

The Foundation Fellows in 2002 of the College were: Peter Adkins, Patrick Bolton, Branko Celler, Branko Cesnik†, Enrico Coiera, Terry Hannan, Sam Heard, Evelyn Hovenga, Michael Kidd, Teng Liaw, Malcolm Pradhan, Rosemary Roberts, Peter Schloeffel, Don Walker, Jim Warren, Peter Williams and Peter Yellowlees.

Information about the College

Documents published by the College

College Rules/Constitution

College Professional Code of Conduct

Books and Publications (co)authored and/or (co)edited by members of the College

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