The ACHI Fellowship Program is an exciting opportunity for PhD candidates with an interest in Health Informatics.

There are many benefits of joining the Fellowship Program. Candidates will:

  • Obtain industry work experience allowing you to build a portfolio of work
  • Create a career pathway and future job network
  • Receive payment for two work placements
  • Join a cohort of other Health Informatics PhD candidates
  • Have an opportunity to develop their leadership skills
  • Receive ACHI Fellow status

 Applications opened on November 10th, 2017 and will remain open on an ongoing basis.


Candidates are eligible to apply to the Fellowship Program if they are currently enrolled in a research PhD (health informatics speciality) at an Australasian University.

Applications will be accepted from:

  • Australian and New Zealand citizens and permanent residents
  • Candidates who hold a valid visa to work and or study in Australia or New Zealand for the duration of the Fellowship Program. You will be required to provide evidence of any visas that you hold.

Selection Criteria

Candidate applications will be reviewed according to the following selection criteria:

  • A research topic relevant to the field of Health Informatics
  • A commitment to, and interest in, advancing the profession of health informatics through relevant work and or academic activity
  • A willingness to adhere to the ACHI Professional Code of Conduct
  • Where competition for Fellowship by Training positions exist, preference will be given to projects and placements involving Fellows of the College

The number of approved applicants will vary year to year depending on the quality of the applications.



All candidates are required to manage their PhD directly with the university they are enrolled in. Candidates will be required to provide updates on the progress of their studies as requested by ACHI.

Candidates will need to provide a summary of their thesis (including background, aims, methodology and methods) as well as evidence of their enrolment in their application to join the Fellowship Program.

I am considering a PhD, should I apply to the Fellowship Program now?

If you are not currently enrolled in a doctoral program but are considering your options, a list of potential PhD supervisors has been compiled which you may find useful. You must be enrolled into a PhD doctoral program to apply for the Fellowship Program.

Is my PhD suitable for the Fellowship Program?

If you would like to discuss your thesis and it’s suitability please email

Refer to the Selection Criteria for more information about the types of PhD’s that would be eligible.

Do I need to notify my university that I am applying to the Fellowship Program?

We recommend that you consult with your PhD supervisor prior to applying. You will need to be aware of your Universities policy regarding working during your PhD as this will impact when you complete your paid work placements.

What happens if I defer my PhD?

All changes to your PhD are coordinated directly with your University. Please update the Fellowship Program Manager with any changes.

What happens if I don’t complete my PhD in the required timeframe?

Completion of your PhD is managed by the University that you are enrolled in. We ask that you keep the Fellowship Program Manager up to date on your expected submission date.

Can I apply for the Fellowship Program if I am studying my PhD part time?

Yes, you can.

Can I apply if I am already on a scholarship?

Yes, you can. You will be required to suspend your PhD to complete your work placement. During this time your scholarship may also be suspended temporarily, please refer to the terms and conditions of your scholarship.

Work experience

Candidates are required to complete two 6 month paid placements with a government agency, department, NGO or industry partner (referred to as a host organisation).

ACHI will work closely with host organisations to create suitable roles working on specialised health informatics projects. Job descriptions will be reviewed and approved by the Governance Board and the host organisation.

A host organisation agrees to:

  • Offer a thorough induction into the organisation
  • Provide a clear job description and personal KPI’s
  • Conduct a through project briefing
  • Provide a qualified and experienced supervisor to guide candidate learning and development
  • Provide regular feedback on a candidates progress
  • Coordinate payment of a candidates salary

Candidates will be required to sign an employment contract (or equivalent) with the host organisation and will be bound by their organisational policies and procedures. The host organisation is responsible for paying a candidates salary including superannuation.

Candidates are required to write a comprehensive report for each work placement.

When is the best time to complete the work placements?

You can apply for a work placement at any time, however we recommend that you consult with your PhD supervisor prior to making a decision and you fully understand the impact of this on your scholarship.

You can also complete your work placements once you have submitted your thesis. Your two work placements must be completed within 24 months of your PhD being awarded.

How am I matched to a host organisation?

We will work closely with you to match you to an appropriate host organisation that can offer a project or work environment that best suits your areas of interest and expertise.

Can I complete two work placements at the same organisation?

No, your two work placements will take place at different host organisations.

Will I be required to re-locate for my work placement?

If you are able, and willing, to relocate this may create more opportunities for you. However, relocation will be at your own cost and is not compulsory.

Can I do a part time work placement?

Yes, however this is dependent on the host organisation. If you have a scholarship you will need to ensure the terms of your scholarship allow part time work.

Can I change my work placement once I’ve started?

Students are required to complete the agreed work placement. If your circumstances change please discuss this with the Fellowship Program Manager.

Am I guaranteed a full time permanent position with my host organisations after placement?

Work placements are an excellent way to demonstrate to potential employers your skillset, attitude and work ethic. While you are not guaranteed to secure a full time permanent position it is an opportunity to connect with, and impress, future employers.

Can previous work experience be counted as a work placement in the Fellowship Program?

You must complete your Work Placement once you have been accepted into the Fellowship Program. Previous work experience will not be counted as part of your work placement requirement.

Can I choose my work placements?

You can nominate in your application which organisations you would prefer to work with however this is not guaranteed. It works best if you come into the Fellowship Program with an open mind about the opportunities that may be presented to you.

Who owns the Intellectual Property (IP) for any work that I do during my work placement?

As you will be entering an employment agreement with your host, details of IP rights will be outlined in the contract. It is standard practice that the IP will remain the property of the host organisation. Please note that if you bring in the IP from your PhD it will become the property of the Host organisation so you need to think carefully about this.

Supplementary learning

The supplementary learning program is designed to facilitate discussion of current trends and best practice in health informatics and leadership.

The learning program will include:

  • Virtual masterclasses
  • Journal clubs
  • Work placement report

A schedule of supplementary learning will be affixed to your Letter of Offer if you are accepted into the Fellowship Program.

Click here to download a Fact Sheet

If you would like to discuss the Fellowship Program in more detail, or if you would like to receive Fellowship Program updates, please complete our Expression of Interest form.

Alternatively, apply now. Applications will remain open on an ongoing basis.