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Founded by the College in March 2006, the e-Journal of Health Informatics is dedicated to the advancement of Health Informatics and information technology in healthcare.  eJHI is an international Open Access journal committed to scholarly excellence and has a global readership in all health professions and at all levels.

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Recently Published College Documents

The College regularly provides evidence-based input and comment on relevant government or NGO proposals and drafts.  ACHI Fellows and Members have recently authored the following response documents:


Health Information Workforce Summit 2015 Report  (HIMAA/ACHI/HISA – July 2016)
Joint ANZSCO Health Informatics Professional Categories  (ACHI/HIMAA/HISA/ALIA – June 2016)


Joint Statement on Constitution and Governance of the Australian Council for eHealth  (ACHI/HISA/HIMAA – Aug. 2015)
ACHI Comments on ‘Electronic Health Records and Healthcare Identifiers: Legislation Discussion Paper’  (June 2015)
ACHI Response to IMDRF ‘Software as a Medical Device (SaMD): Application of Quality Management System’  (May 2015)
ACHI Comments on ‘National Guidelines for On-Screen Display of Clinical Medicines Information’  (joint with AIHI/APSF – May 2015)


‘Patient Access to Pathology Results’  (Edwards G, Georgiou A, Legg M, full paper – 3 Nov. 2014)
ACHI Encourages Consumer Access to Pathology Results  (Press Release – 30 Oct. 2014)
ACHI Welcomes the Release of the PCEHR Review  (Press Release – 22 May 2014)


ACHI Response to Medicare Locals Review  (Dec. 2013)
ACHI Response to PCEHR Review  (Nov. 2013)
ACHI Response to DoHA “PCEHR Proposals for Regulations and Rules”  (April 2012)
ACHI Response to DoHA “PCEHR Legislative Issues”  (August 2011)
ACHI Response to NEHTA PCEHR Key Points Concept of OperationsShared Health Summary and Event Summary  (July 2011)
ACHI Response to Draft PCEHR Concept of Operations  (May 2011, updated June 2011)
ACHI Submission to Senate Enquiry into the Health Identifier Legislation  (March 2010)
ACHI Response to Draft Health Identifier Legislation  (Jan. 2010)
Report on HealthCom 2009 Conference  (ACHI Past President Dr Terry Hannan – Sydney, Dec. 2009)
Report on “Realising Our Broadband Future” Workshop  (Sydney, Dec. 2009)
ACHI Response to NEHTA Draft “Electronic Transfer of Prescription”  (Dec. 2009)
Letter to Prime Minister Rudd re e-Health Implementation  (via Coalition for eHealth – Dec. 2009)
ACHI Response to AHMAC Discussion Paper on “Health Identifiers & Privacy”  (Aug. 2009)
Australian Health Informatics Education Council ‘Work Plan 2009-10 and Beyond’  (June 2009)
ACHI Submission to the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission  (Aug. 2008)
ACHI Submission to NEHTA Review  (Aug. 2007)
ACHI Panel Presentation on Success Factors Review  (Aug. 2007)
Report on NEHTA and ACSQH e-Health Conference  (March 2007)
ACHI Submission on Access Card Privacy  (Oct. 2006)
Australian Health Informatics Educational Framework  (Garde S, Hovenga E – March 2006)
ACHI Paper on eHealth Strategy  (Dec. 2005)