The Fellows and Members of the College benefit from the College’s strong partnerships with important national and international Health Informatics organisations.

International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA)

The College is an Academic Institutional Member of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA).  This provides the College and its members with the following privileges:

  • Networking with peer organisations on a global level for the interchange of ideas, collaborative efforts, student/faculty exchange etc.
  • Participation in IMIA’s Working and Special Interest Groups
  • Participation in the IMIA General Assembly, IMIA’s governing body
  • Access to the IMIA’s online “News and Announcements” and “Meetings & Conferences”
  • Inclusion in IMIA’s web site and annual Yearbook of Medical Informatics
  • Free access to the full electronic version of the IMIA Yearbook

Australian Council of Professions (“Professions Australia”)

The College is a full member of  the Australian Council of Professions, the national peak organisation of professional associations advancing and promoting professionalism for the benefit of the community.  Professions Australia has ~30 member associations representing ~420,000 professionals across Australia and pursues initiatives to enhance professional standards and increase the professions’ contributions to the broader community by:

  • maintaining and developing the ethical standards of professionals
  • working in partnership with the higher education sector to ensure excellence in professional education
  • encouraging continual professional development and the updating of professional knowledge
  • contributing to the recognition of professional practice by governments and the community
  • supporting volunteering and community service by individual professionalsThe College is an Academic

    Other Affiliations

    The College also collaborates with the following organisations: