The Australasian College of Health Informatics is the professional community of national and international Digital Health and Health Informatics thought leaders, experts and trusted advisers.  Become a Member of the College to be a recognised part of this community and enjoy the following privileges and benefits:


Membership Benefits

Professional Recognition

Your status as an ACHI Fellow (“FACHI”) or Full Member (“MACHI”) will give you:

  • the right to include the post-nominals “FACHI” or “MACHI” after your name as evidence of your professional accomplishment
  • a widely recognised expression of your professional achievements and status in Health Informatics
  • an industry/career standing that is recognised by major employers and recruiters
Member of a Professional Community

As an ACHI member, you will be able to:

  • communicate with the key Health Informatics experts in the region via our ACHI members-only e-mail group
  • get broad professional exposure through our ACHI members-only LinkedIn group
  • participate in the ACHI Members-Only Tele-Meetings
  • have access to Members-Only briefings as well as the thought leaders and peak academics in the region
  • demonstrate your professionalism through your compliance with the ACHI Professional Code of Conduct
  • be part of a professional organisation with a unique profile due to regular participation in national and regional Health Informatics policy setting
  • be part of the Australian professional community through ACHI’s membership in the Australian Council of Professions (“Professions Australia”)
  • list books your have (co-)authored or (co-)edited on the College web site

As an ACHI member, you will be able to:

  • contribute to ACHI comment documents on new policy drafts, reports and specifications.  You will be listed as a co-author or additional author.
  • represent ACHI in government, NGO and standards committees
  • participate in members-only IMIA activities
  • influence national Health Informatics standards though ACHI’s membership in Standards Australia (and Standards New Zealand)
  • influence global health informatics standards in the International Standards Organisation (ISO) though ACHI’s membership in Standards Australia (and Standards New Zealand)
Information Access, Fee Discounts and other Benefits

As an ACHI member, you will get:

  • members-only access to the IMIA Yearbook
  • access to early drafts of local and global Health Informatics standards
  • discounts on the ACHI events
  • discounts on the annual conferences of your IMIA member body (HINZ in New Zealand)


Applying for Membership

The College has four levels of membership reflecting the expertise and contributions to Health Informatics:

  • ACHI Fellow (“FACHI”)
  • ACHI Full Member (“MACHI”)
  • ACHI Graduate Member
  • ACHI Student Member (free)
How to Apply for Membership

To be eligible for admission to the College as a Graduate Member, Full Member or Fellow, you must:

  • Have the capacity to make or have made a measurable contribution to the field of Health Informatics
  • Be an ethical user of health information, demonstrate professional integrity and have verifiable professional documentation

Please download and complete the Membership Application Form and e-mail to

The ACHI Membership Committee will review your application, recommend the suitability and and membership level to the ACHI Council for approval.  You will be notified of the result of your membership application within one month.

How to Apply for combined ACHI/HISA Membership

To apply for combined membership of the College and the Health Informatics Society of Australia (HISA), you have two options:

How to Apply for Student Membership

To apply for free Student Membership, please click here. You must provide your education organisation e-mail (eg,, .edu, etc.) to apply for student membership. Thank you.

Need Help with Applying for Membership?

The College has a mentorship program to guide potential applicants wanting to become ACHI Members or Fellows.

Reflecting the diverse paths, qualifications and achievements that can lead to ACHI fellowship, the mentorship program is designed to help you become an ACHI Member or Fellow.  If you would like to know if you qualify for ACHI membership, are unsure which level of membership you should apply for or have a question how to fill in the ACHI membership application form, your ACHI membership mentor can help.

e-Mail us at and a experienced ACHI Fellow will contact you to answer your questions and guide you through the membership application process.  Your mentoring Fellow can also provide you with advice and direction as to expanding your activities and progress in the profession of Health Informatics.