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Health Informatics: An Overview (1996)

Edited by: Hovenga E, Kidd M, Cesnik B; Churchill Livingstone, Australia



Ch. 1: Health Informatics in Australia  (16Kb)
Ch. 2: History of Health Informatics  (24Kb)
Ch. 3: Health Care Services and Information Systems  (30Kb)
Ch. 4: Health Information Science  (66Kb)

Basic Informatics Concepts

Ch. 5: Standards in Health Informatics  (21Kb)
Ch. 6: Basic Applications and Expectations  (46Kb)
Ch. 7: Establishing User Requirements  (1.9Mb)
Ch. 8: Privacy, Security and Confidentiality  (47Kb)
Ch. 9: Database  (42Kb)
Ch. 10: Data Communications  (714Kb)
Ch. 11: Management Support Systems Principles and Concepts  (49Kb)

Health Information Clinical Practice

Ch. 12: Electronic medical records  (58Kb)
Ch. 13: Expert systems  (48Kb)
Ch. 14: Decision Support in Clinical Practice  (47Kb)
Ch. 15: Image Management and Communications Technology  (39Kb)
Ch. 16: Telemedicine  (41Kb)
Ch. 17: Physiological Monitoring  (1.5Mb)
Ch. 18: Remote Access  (27Kb)
Ch. 19: Computerised Education for Health Professionals  (492Kb)
Ch. 20: Computerised Education for Consumers  (45Kb)
Ch. 21: Health Consumer Issues  (40Kb)
Ch. 22: Medico-Legal Issues  (31Kb)

Informatics and Health Care Management

Ch. 23: National Strategy for Information Management  (41Kb)
Ch. 24: Preparing Staff for Information Technology  (35Kb)
Ch. 25: Information Technology Management  (48Kb)
Ch. 26: Health Informatics in General Practice  (42Kb)
Ch. 27: Casemix and Information Systems  (92Kb)
Ch. 28: Research in Healthcare  (1.3Mb)

Health Research and Informatics

Ch. 29: Information Technology in Research  (58Kb)
Ch. 30: Research, Public Health and Policy Development  (47Kb)

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