Befikadu L. Wubishet – Fellowship by Training Program Candidate

Befikadu L. Wubishet

Befikadu L. Wubishet

New South Wales, Australia

Available for placements from 2020

PhD Details

Befikadu’s PhD explores health care use, costs and outcomes among older Australian women with diabetes. Anticipated submission in early 2020 through The University of Newcastle. 


Befikadu is a skilled academic with teaching and research experience. He is particularly passionate about health care use and costs in later life, activity-based funding and clinical costing. He has skills in:

  • Project management
  • Management and analysis of survey and healthcare administrative datasets such as Medicare and hospital admission 
  • Longitudinal data management and analysis
  • Survival Analysis and generalised estimating equation
  • SAS, SPSS, TREEAGE and STATA software
  • Health economic evaluation 
  • Clinical costing 
  • Written communication skills, for example; the preparation of submissions to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee   


Befikadu is a knowledgeable researcher with expertise in longitudinal survey and health care administrative data management and analysis, clinical costing and health technology assessment. He has experience in teaching at a University, research assistantship, leading committees both academic and social, and providing community services. He is also skilled in health economic evaluation and modelling, manuscript and research proposal writing as well as conducting systematic reviews. 

Befikadu is interested in the application of tools, procedures and methods to minimise costs and optimise patient outcomes in health care. After completing his PhD, Befikadu aspires to contribute his skills and experience towards a more efficient and effective health care system.