Chau Bui – Fellowship by Training Program Candidate

Ms Chau Bui

UNSW, New South Wales, Australia

PhD Submitted August 2018

PhD Details

Spatial Modelling


Chau has expertise in infectious disease modelling and the following skills:

  • Big data analysis
  • SPSS, Phylodynamics (BEAST and associated packages, Geneious)
  • GIS (ArcGIS suite)
  • Programming basics (R, Python, Unix)
  • Infectious disease models (Berkley Madonna)
  • Collating and processing large datasets including epidemiological, GIS and genetic datasets
  • Clean and prepare datasets for use in statistical analyses or other programs
  • Developing R scripts to visualise data in graphs, interactive maps or static maps
  • Conducting descriptive and statistical analyses in R and other software


2015 Masters of International Public Health, UNSW Sydney

2012 Bachelor of Veterinary Science, University of Sydney


Chau is currently a PhD student at the University of New South Wales. She has a veterinary and public health research background and collaborates with researchers from a variety of computational backgrounds such as biostatistics, engineering, ecology and computational biology. Chau has experience as a veterinarian, research assistant and teaching assistant. She is a published author and has experience presenting at conferences. Chau also has an impressive academic record.

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