Leanna Woods (Lee) – Fellowship by Training Program Candidate

Leanna Woods (Lee)

New South Wales, Australia. 

Available for placements from mid 2019.

PhD Details

Lee’s PhD project is a hospital-university collaboration conducted on site at St Vincent’s Hospitals Campus Sydney.

She led a team to co-design a mHealth intervention for heart failure self-management using the latest techniques in user-centred design and Design Thinking. Importantly, she engaged with patients, family members, medical, nursing and allied health professionals, through each stage of the development. The overall aim is to improve the patient experience of living with heart failure, as well as making an important contribution to the knowledge base on methods for clinician-led mHealth design. Lee recently completed her studies and her thesis is currently under examination. 


With strong interpersonal communication and team work skills, Lee believes in the strategic partnership of healthcare providers and healthcare consumers to advance the quality and safety of digital health for all Australians. She is devoted to patient-centred care of the highest standard and advancing healthcare through collaboration, innovation and dedication.  
She is skilled in: 

  • Growing innovation and entrepreneurial skills: Training in Design Thinking at the University of Sydney and user-centred eHealth design in Stockholm and Dublin, including rapid design methodologies and the creative representation of qualitative research data.
  • Leadership of self: Evidenced in the near completion of a 200+ page doctoral thesis, volunteer roles at three conferences and publication of several academic papers. 
  • Leadership of others: Multi-stakeholder management skills, demonstrated in the effective collaborative development of a digital health product working closely with patients, family caregivers and all members of the multidisciplinary team in a complex hospital environment. 
  • Clinical leadership: Senior nursing team member (Clinical Nurse Specialist) in an acute cardiac unit with developed critical thinking and decision-making skills in a busy clinical environment, regularly acting as ward in-charge. 
  • Adult education: Enjoys sharing her expertise evidenced by multiple in-hospital and conference presentations and her previous roles as a sessional laboratory teacher, clinical facilitator and volunteer career mentor for undergraduate nursing students. 


Lee is a committed collaborator, dynamic thinker and outcomes-focused PhD candidate and senior nursing team member with highly developed clinical leadership expertise. Her passion for research stems from her exposure to the lived experience of her patients where health informatics could be of immense benefit and support to their outcomes.

Her future research goals include innovative context-sensitive health technology design, evaluation and implementation.