Saswata Ray – Fellowship by Training Program Candidate

Saswata Ray

Auckland, New Zealand

Available for work placements from August 2021 or earlier

PhD Details

My doctoral research topic examines how social media influences food decisions for young adults (18-25 years) in New Zealand. Under the domain of population health informatics, this is a mixed methods study, involving qualitative interviews, analysis, survey questionnaire development and analysis of the quantitative data using SPSS.


I am skilled in understanding and handling health information relating to social media in the health context, as well as human physiology and genetics with pre and post-drug development process cycles. I have worked as a research coordinator, drug safety subject matter expert and a regulatory medical writer.   A foundation of my expertise is active involvement in projects working with different stakeholder needs to advance patient care outcomes. I am excited to be able to translate my digital healthcare solution design expertise to the industry.

She has the following skills:

  • Social media expertise in a health context.
  • Literature searches including meta-narrative processes
  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis and report writing while collaborating with different stakeholders
  • SPSS and experience in handling patient safety databases like, ARISG. Advent
  • Translating understanding and knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and genetics according to the project-specific requirements.
  • Translation of scientific and technical data for diverse audiences. 
  • Adult education and training 
  • Gap analysis and health solution provision
  • Translational research application into practice (e.g. gaming solutions)
  • Leading and working as a team member


  • Doctor of Philosophy, Health Science (2017 June-ongoing), University of Auckland
  • Completed a course: HLTHINFO 728, Principles in Health Informatics in 2018, University of Auckland
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research, Bilcare Research Academy, 2009, India
  • Master of Science, Zoology, 2007, University of Calcutta, India
  • Bachelor of Science, Zoology, 2005, University of Calcutta, India


My 9 years of professional expertise includes working in various healthcare research projects in different roles. I commenced work in the ACC (Accident Compensation Corporation) department at Auckland District Health Board in January 2019 and seek employment that will expand my range of health/biomedical informatics expertise.

Passion for providing usable solutions drives me towards continuous improvement to learn more and deliver evidence based useful solutions. I aspire to become an integral part of commercially-driven health informatics ventures as an active translational expert to support the provision of better healthcare service outcomes to clinicians and the wider community.