ACHI’s vision is to strengthen the framework for education excellence in Health Informatics in the Asia Pacific region.

ACHI seeks to increase the presence and influence in the region’s health systems of Health Informaticians who are well qualified for professional practice, including those in health data management, health information management and health knowledge management roles throughout the digital health ecosystem.

The ACHI Education Directory lists Australasian University award programs that are actively taking new enrolments.

University programs are shown in three main categories:

  1. PhD and other postgraduate research degrees
  2. Postgraduate coursework programs
  3. Undergraduate degrees

In each category, program names that include the words “health / biomedical / clinical / etc. informatics” appear first; program names that do not, but that may be equivalent (e.g. “digital health”, “health data science”, etc.) appear afterward.

For each University program the Directory shows the institution name, the program name and a link to its main web page.

ACHI listing does not imply endorsement of any specific program, or assurance of its educational quality.

Postgraduate coursework programs in Health Informatics

May be equivalent to postgraduate coursework in Health Informatics

ACHI encourages and supports other aspects of Health Informatics professional learning and development, particularly its Fellowship by Training program, selected short course providers, and the CHIA credential.

ACHI invites others to work with us to increase awareness of entry points to Health Informatics education and training, options for advanced learning in Health Informatics, and opportunities for Health Informaticians’ continuing professional development. To start the conversation about how you can become involved please email

This information is current at November 2019.