PhD Research Domain:
Health data modelling, generational health and aging, women’s health and aged care and related analytics.

Gerontology, disability, statistical and associated analysis; simulation and multi-state modelling in public health population studies.

Skill Set:
1. Survey design and questionnaire development
2. Project management
3. SAS, R, STATA and SPSS software
4. Survival Analysis
5. Markov chains and MCMC simulation
6. Latent class and latent transition analysis
7. Generalized Linear Model
8. Generalized Estimating Equation
9. Multivariate analysis
10. Bayesian Inference and Multiple imputation
11. Boot strap and Jackknife resampling techniques

PhD Topic:
Modelling trajectories in Australian women’s aged care service use.

PhD Submission Date:
Mid 2019, University of Newcastle.

Master of Science in Gerontology (2014) University of Southampton, United Kingdom
Master of Science in Statistics (2000) University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh
Bachelor of Statistics (1999) University of Rajshahi, Bangladesh

Available for work placements:
Mid 2019.

Mijan’s research background is in statistics, gerontology, and public health. He is interested in modelling the ageing experience of older people and health service utilisation. He is an experienced statistician who is adept at both theoretical and applied statistics.
Mijan’s PhD project analyses demand systems for delivering aged care services according to clients’ changing needs over time to. forecast the care needs for Australian women as they age.
Mijan has experience teaching statistics, leading an academic department, and managing projects on higher education quality enhancement. He has published nine articles in different international peer-reviewed journals.