Anish Menon – Fellowship by Training Program Candidate

Anish Menon

Queensland, Australia. 

Available for placements from 2020. 

PhD Details

Anish’s PhD is exploring innovative model of specialist care utilising eHealth for people with diabetes to improve clinical outcomes and the patient experience at similar or lower costs. His estimated submission will be in October 2019. 


Anish is a specialised endocrinologist (diabetes) with significant clinical experience. He is skilled in:

  • Clinical management of people with diabetes
  • Algorithm development for patient self care
  • Designing models of integrated care utilising eHealth/digital health 
  • Project Management
  • Clinical trial design and analysis 


Anish is passionate about delivering efficient clinical care that is person-centred and innovative and is currently working as a specialist endocrinologist at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

He is particularly excited in applying his knowledge in health services research using disruptive technologies to better clinical outcomes, improve the patient experience and improve healthcare efficiencies –value-based care than volume-based care for chronic diseases.

He is particularly interested in using artificial intelligence to provide continuous support for patients with chronic diseases. Anish aims to be a clinical leader working at the interface of clinical informatics and healthcare.