Certified Health Informatician Australaisia (CHIA).

The Australasian College of Health Informatics is a partner, with the Health Information Management Association of Australia and the Health Informatics Society of Australia, in the Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA) credentialing program.

The CHIA credential provides a level of formal recognition for individuals in the health informatics workforce. The CHIA credential is earned by taking an online examination, based on six fundamental health informatics domains of competency, and including 52 separate competencies. Successfully completing the CHIA examination certifies that someone has independent validation of their health informatics knowledge. The CHIA post-nominal is an important part of a structure that reflects graduated levels of health informatics expertise and experience in the Australasian health informatics workforce. A CHIA is acknowledged by the partner organisations ACHI, HIMAA and HISA as capable of contributing competently to the health sector in health informatics roles.

To denote more advanced or senior levels of health informatics professional practice than CHIA signifies, an individual may apply, on the basis of educational qualifications, work and volunteer experience, research and development achievements, for the right to use the post-nominals MACHI (Member of ACHI) or FACHI (Fellow of ACHI). CHIA is not an education program. However, someone who is already a MACHI or FACHI still may choose to sit the CHIA examination. It may serve as a refresher, as a diagnostic of self-directed learning, or for other continuing professional development purposes.

ACHI Members and Fellows have helped to construct the competency framework for CHIA, and play active roles on the CHIA Board and the CHIA Examination Committee. Further information about CHIA can be found at

This information is current at May 2019.