Brendan Loo Gee – Fellowship by Training Program Candidate

Brendan Loo Gee

Australian National University, Australia

PhD Submitted March 2018

PhD Details

Mental health and computer science


Brendan has expertise in modelling, health technology assessment and the following skills:

  • Web Application development
  • Software programming
  • Technical documentation
  • System and database administration
  • Client management
  • Natural language processing methods
  • Quantitative and thematic Qualitative research


Brendan has a background in information technology having successfully completed a Master of Science and a Bachelor Science.

Brendan has previously worked as a research assistant, clinical RCTs and IT consultant. He is an able quantitative researcher wishing to develop his qualitative research skills and move into mixed methods work setting. Working with stakeholders to understand business requirements and develop processes accordingly, RCTs, stakeholder engagement and user-centred design are core interests.

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