Gerardo Luis (Ikee) Dimaguila – Fellowship by Training Program Candidate

Gerardo Luis (Ikee) Dimaguila

Victoria, Australia

Available for placements from Q2 2020

PhD Details

Ikee developed a way to measure how people’s use of their own health data may affect their health outcomes, in a more systematic and consistent way. This is to produce evidence of health outcomes from use of health information technologies.

He also developed a new set of design heuristics to review a technology’s ability to enable the benefits that may occur from health data use.

Anticipated submission in Jan 2020 through University of Melbourne.


Ikee is an innovative health informatician with experience in participatory healthcare, outcomes measurement, and design and evaluation of health information technologies. He is skilled in:

  • Qualitative and quantitative research design and analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • User experience design and evaluation
  • Ethical risk assessment and compliance
  • Project management
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Conflict management


Ikee is innovative, with robust health informatics, user experience design and evaluation, adult education, and project management expertise. His leadership, work readiness, and soft skills fostered the design of the national registry of neurological diseases in the Philippines. As HIT intern at Alfred Health hospital in Melbourne, he evaluated and updated the hospital’s knowledge management system. He has been involved in graduate-level health informatics and engineering adult education.

Ikee’s work experience, combined with elected leadership roles during his PhD study have enhanced his suitability for project leader and systems analyst work placements that depend upon continued engagement with stakeholders of diverse backgrounds and interests.