Mohamed Khalifa – Fellowship by Training Program Candidate

Mohamed Khalifa

New South Wales, Australia

Available for placements from 2020

PhD Details

Mohamed’s PhD explores developing and validating an Evidence-Based Framework for Grading and Assessment of Predictive Tools Used for Clinical Decision Support. Anticipated submission in early 2020 to Macquarie University.


Mohamed is an experienced clinician with a background in healthcare and hospital management. He is skilled in:

  • Health Informatics
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Health Analytics and Healthcare Big Data
  • Healthcare Business Intelligence
  • Health Information Systems Project Management
  • eHealth Project Management
  • Healthcare Management
  • Healthcare Performance Improvement
  • Healthcare Quality Management
  • Healthcare Education and Training


Trained as a medical doctor, Mohamed has an extensive career in the area of healthcare management and health informatics, facilitating a better understanding between information technology and medical sciences. Specifically, he has worked on developing, implementing and evaluating health information systems and clinical decision support to improve the performance of operational and strategic health care.

Mohamed has published almost 50 journal articles, conference papers and book chapters over the last 5 years on utilising health informatics resources in improving the performance of hospitals and healthcare services. His ambition is to build a new conceptual framework for optimising the research work on implementing health informatics research in health care.