Teketo Kassaw Tegegne – Fellowship by Training Program Candidate

Teketo Kassaw Tegegne

New South Wales, Australia

Available for placements from late 2020

PhD Details

Teketo’s PhD explores spatial patterns of maternal health service use and its determinant factors in Ethiopia.  His study will provide critical information for program managers and decision-makers on health facilities and services, and communities that need specific attention, facilitating better awareness, advocacy and planning for programs and services. Anticipated submission in early 2020 through the University of Newcastle. 


Teketo is an experienced public health professional with interests in health analytics and maternal health. He is skilled in:

  • GIS analysis in Public Health
  • SAS, ArcGIS, QGIS, SPSS, EndNote, RStudio and winBUGS software
  • Generalized Linear Models 
  • Generalized Linear Mixed Models 
  • Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation
  • Bayesian Inference 
  • Project management
  • Survey design and questionnaire development
  • Statistical analysis – Simulation (Bayesian analysis) and multi-stage modelling in Public Health 
  • Research and teaching


Teketo’s research background is in public health. He is interested in mapping the spatial variations in the distribution of health facilities, health service use and distribution of health problems.

Teketo has experience in GIS analysis, teaching, leading an academic department, and supervising national-level research projects. He has published 18 articles in international peer-reviewed journals.