PhD Research Domain:

Health analytics.


Health technology assessment and project management.

Skill Set:

1. Fifteen years business experience combined with strategic understanding of
current healthcare IT technologies.
2. Commercial acumen with the ability to build, manage and retain stakeholder,
vendor and supplier relationships.
3. Small to large project analysis, design, management and implementation.
4. People management, training, mentoring and leadership skills.
5. Advanced knowledge of IT systems, networks, programming languages, hardware,
software and application packages.
6. Elaboration of projects and program-related activities and tasks in support of the Australian Digital Health Agency.

PhD Topic:

Evaluation of speech recognition use for electronic health record based clinical documentation.

PhD Submission Date:

To be submitted August 2018 – Macquarie University.


2008 Master of Business Administration, MGSM
2007 Master of Management, MGSM
2002 Bachelor of Science in Computing Science, UTS

Toby has a comprehensive career in information technology within the healthcare industry. He is an experienced project manager across the commercial and public sectors. Toby has strong investigation, problem-solving and decision-making skills, combined with a pragmatic approach and sound business acumen. Toby has experience developing and managing project plans, budgets and reports, recruiting and training staff, working with external vendors, and engaging with key stakeholders, suppliers and clients. Toby is currently completing his first work placement with the Australian Digital Health Agency as part of the Fellowship by Training Program. He is available for his second and final placement in September 2018.