PhD Research Domain:

Health technology assessment


Data analytics and management, software programming

Skill Set:

1. Computer architecture, network and operating systems
2. Parallel processing
3. C, C++,
4. Java programming
5. Linux administration
6. Quantitative analysis
6. Focus group analysis

PhD Topic:

Mobile devices and health care

PhD Submission Date:

April 2018, University of Southern Queensland


2011 Master of Technology (Computer Science & Engineering), Himachal Pradesh University Shimla, India

2009 Master of Computer Application, Punjab Technical University Jalandhar, India


Vasu’s PhD explores the factors that influence healthcare professionals’ adoption of mobile devices using a qualitative focus group techniques and a quantitative web survey and approach. Vasu has experience lecturing, working as a teaching assistant and a course leader. Vasu has authored and co-authored several publications on mobile health. Vasu is available for work placements from April onwards.

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